New & In Store: Pacific Green Bougainville Collection

Pacific Green’s Bougainville Chair has an art-piece vibe with its interesting leather detail, shaped seat and curved legs. The ribbed back and leather lashings are inspired by water urns seen in South Africa. The method of binding the armrest to the legs is reminiscent of the traditional method of attaching stones to wooden axe handles. The chair is made from sustainable Palmwood, which is as strong as hardwood; the molded latex seat is covered in Italian leather.

Pacific Green’s Bougainville 2-Seater Sofa is a lightweight yet sturdy piece made of leather and sustainably farmed Palmwood. Its partially open back combines the interest of the repeated spindles and leather detail with the comfort of a leather-upholstered shoulder rest. Leather stitching along the edge and leather ties hanging from leather medallions add character. The Bougainville Sofa, another unique piece from the Australian design company Pacific Green, speaks to a distinctive global heritage.

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