Spring Refresh at the Cabin

We do love winter – it’s full of activity in the north woods. But around this time of year, we all have one thing on our minds: SPRING. With more sunlight each day, we excitedly anticipate early spring flowers popping through snow, and buds forming on trees. The emergence of spring invites us to open our windows for fresh air and look outside for inspiration and energy.

A white flower (Trillium sp.) catches some late-spring snow.

Whether you are considering updating your furnishings, diving into a deep spring clean, or simply making a few decor tweaks, the change of seasons is the perfect time for an airy, bright refresh at the cabin.

Bringing in some new, seasonally-inspired items evokes a feeling of transition and readiness for new adventures. Spring is also a perfect time to look with fresh eyes at how to organize and set up the cabin for summer ease and success. We have compiled some of our favorite ideas to update your lake home.

  • First, de-clutter. Before adding anything new, do a complete walk-through with a critical eye to what you truly love and use, and what is simply taking up space. When you’ve first created a clean slate to work with, you’ll be in a better place to plan for new items.
  • Seasonal Artwork. When we have the same artwork in the same place all the time, it starts to blend into the background. Do you have a favorite winter scene above the mantle in wintertime? Consider swapping it with something new. Likewise, trade out those framed winter candids for favorite summer shots.
  • Revitalize with Rugs. Our rugs work hard for us and get worn. Look closely at your entrance, kitchen and bathroom rugs and decide what needs cleaning or replacing. The simple step of getting a new rug can make a whole room feel updated.
  • Lighten Up. Spring is the perfect time to clean and store those thick winter throws and blankets and exchange for lightweight wool or cotton ones. Light throws are versatile items that go from sofa to fire pit to boat during the spring and summer season.
  • Color, Pattern and Texture. Simply changing up accent pillows is an easy way to bring new life to spaces. From chunky cable knits and faux fur to buffalo plaid and Aztec designs, the choices are endless for creating interesting combinations of colors, patterns and textures.
  • Spring Scents. Candles aren’t only for winter. Exchange balsam fir and woodsy scents with floral, sea breeze, or citrus candles for spring and summer. Another option is to use reed diffusers for steady, room freshening scents.
  • Be Boat-ready. Take a look at your boat and beach gear. If your beach towels are like ours, it may be time for a refresh! Sunscreen, aloe and bug spray expire – toss old bottles and replace for the upcoming season. Consider setting up a bin or cabinet with essentials, so you’re ready for that first warm day and the boating season ahead.
  • Patio Refresh. Spruce up your patio with a fresh coat of stain and colorful outdoor dining furniture or Adirondack chairs that won’t fade or rot. Add some outdoor pillows for comfort and interest. You can also extend the season by adding an outdoor fire pit to enjoy sunny spring days with only a light jacket.
Kitchen Refresh

Before the busy summer season, take a little time to get your kitchen summer-ready. Ideas include:

  • Refrigerator: Clean and disinfect the refrigerator and freezer; check expiration dates on condiments and dressings and restock for the season ahead.
  • Spice Rack: Do an inventory of herbs and spices. These items lose flavor and expire over time (typically six months to a year), so it makes sense to replace them regularly. Purchase spices in the smallest sizes for cabin use.
  • Pantry: Stock the pantry with fresh cooking and baking supplies: flour, sugar, brown sugar, pasta, rice, quinoa, etc.
  • Kitchen Tools and Towels: Have knives professionally sharpened; replace dull vegetable peelers and old spatulas. Likewise, replace worn and stained kitchen towels and pot holders.

Move over comfort food – why not also refresh our recipes as we gear up for spring and summer? Amy has created a versatile salmon recipe that is fancy enough for company, yet easy enough to become your next go-to weekday dinner.

As we embark upon our own spring projects, we are dreaming of all the fun times to be had in the months ahead. We hope we’ve given you some ideas and motivation to prepare and refresh your own spaces. Cheers!

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