Autumn Beauty

While it’s true everyone loves summer at the lake, many people look forward to the crisp, cool days of autumn, with blazing leaves of crimson and golden yellow against a backdrop of vibrant, blue skies.

Wooden dock with chairs on calm fall lake.

Being at the lake and in the north woods places us right in the middle of Mother Nature’s masterpiece. Take in the colorful landscape at its peak—on foot, by boat, on a bike or by car. We like to plan ahead to enjoy a variety of outings so we can squeeze the most enjoyment out of this short season.

  • Take a hike! The crunching of dry leaves underfoot stirs the musky-sweet odor of fallen leaves. These scents, mixed with heady pine, mean a walk in the woods is one of the best ways to immerse your senses in the fall season. We always pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the trail.
    • Tip: Follow your local news stations for up-to-date forecasts mapping peak fall colors. Many states also have travel websites that provide fall color reports.
Two people walking in the forest.
  • Leisurely ride. A late season pontoon ride is a great chance to take pictures of fall foliage framed by the lake and sky. Be sure to bring along a hot beverage and a blanket to stay warm and toasty!
  • Slow down. After summer days spent wake surfing and jet skiing, quietly gliding through the water in a canoe or kayak is the perfect way to take in the expansive palate of fall hues.
Kayak on fall lake with clouds in the blue sky.
  • Biking, anyone? Biking is Chris and her husband Tom’s favorite way to enjoy fall. Whether you enjoy road biking or off-road riding, there is something for everyone in the north woods, and the cooler temps of fall lend themselves to extended rides.
    • Tip: A quick google search will lead you to local biking trails and maps. In our area, CAMBA (Chequamegon Area Mountain Biking Association) maintains over 300 miles of mountain biking trails and gravel routes. Most of these trails, as well as cross-country ski trails, can also be used for hiking.
  • Further afield. Nothing says fall like a trip to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch. A day trip to a local winery, craft brewery, or restaurant destination can be another great outing to enjoy fall colors. Whatever suits you, a day drive is just the ticket to enjoy autumn beauty at its finest.

As the days shorten and the leaves transform, routines return and our lives slow down a bit. Curling up in a favorite chair to read or watch football, making the cabin cozy with scented candles, and cooking favorite fall meals with seasonal ingredients (think apples, cinnamon, winter squash, cranberries) all contribute to what we love about this season.

For this post, Amy was excited to put her recipe development skills to work. The resulting irresistible combination of sweet (apples), salty (bacon) and savory (goat cheese) make this stuffed pork tenderloin a hit! What’s more, this juicy and flavorful entrée looks impressive, yet it’s so easy to prepare – – especially with our how-to photos. Get ready to “taste the season” in every bite!

Apple stuffed pork tenderloin sliced on a bed of wild rice.

Every year we eagerly anticipate the arrival of fall at the lake. We hope we’ve sparked some new ideas for you to make the most of the beauty of autumn—both inside and out. Cheers!

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