Bonfire Magic

What is it about a bonfire that feels so mesmerizing, so magical? The crackle, flicker, smell and warmth of a roaring fire trigger a primeval instinct that tells us it’s time to unwind. In fact, the trance-like, relaxing effects of fire have even been proven to reduce blood pressure.

Bonfires do create a calming ambiance, but we’ve also found they have the effect of getting people to open up—telling stories, singing songs and sharing in unique ways that just don’t happen when we’re inside. Who wouldn’t want to sit around a bonfire on a beautiful evening at the lake?

People sitting around a fire next to a lake at sunset.
Traditional Bonfire

While prepping for a traditional wood bonfire isn’t difficult, having a bonfire is a bit of an event. To that end, we would like to share a few tips to make your bonfire night easy and fun.

  • Teach your family how to build a perfect fire, and get children involved gathering twigs for kindling. Older children and teens can learn how to split wood for the fire.
  • Set the mood with a portable speaker playing your favorite playlists. 
  • Be sure everyone is equipped with their favorite beverage.
  • Have some blankets and throws handy for when the sun goes down and temperatures drop.
  • Star gazing is a great side activity for a campfire night—find a dark spot and see how many constellations you can find.
  • A bonfire can be a great opportunity for a simple cookout (think brats or hot dogs on roasting forks).
Gas Fire Pits

You can bring a little of that magic to your everyday life with the addition of a gas fire pit table. These fire tables are portable, and simple to install. The easy-on/easy-off convenience of a gas fire table is a wonderful option for making every day special. And with no preparation needed, a spontaneous gathering can feel more cozy thanks to the ease of a gas fire. What better way to enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktail, whether alone or with friends and family.

Four people crouching next to a fire pit roasting marshmallows.

All of this talk of bonfires has us thinking of the quintessential bonfire food—s’mores! Did you know August is National S’mores Month? And, this post is just in time for National S’mores Day on August 10th.

Maybe it’s the participation of skewering and roasting or maybe it’s the anticipation of a perfectly toasted marshmallow, but s’mores never fail to bring a satisfying smile to adults and kids alike.

While we know traditional s’mores are a crowd-pleaser, why not consider stepping up your game with an epic S’more-gasbord?

We think a great bonfire is the centerpiece of the traditional cabin experience. So, let the bonfire work its magic on your next lake gathering. Cheers!

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