Company’s Coming

It’s undeniable, everyone loves lake life! Summer is in full swing, and if you own a cabin it’s likely you’ll soon be welcoming company for some fun at the lake. We believe hosting done right is an art—masterfully planning to make it enjoyable for all, including the host. Most visitors truly want to help, but may not be sure what they can do. Below you’ll find tips and ideas not only to make your guests feel at ease, but also to encourage a shared experience of enjoyment at the lake.

It’s the little things—creating a welcoming mood
  • Greet your guests with a personal note, a vase of flowers, some simple snacks and maybe even a little gift.
  • We suggest framing photos of your guests to display in living areas or bedrooms. People will be genuinely surprised and delighted with this simple touch.
  • Set the tone by inviting guests to “please, help yourself” and “make yourself at home.” This takes the pressure off of entertaining, and fosters a relaxed vibe. And, guests appreciate knowing they can grab a snack, or steal away to the hammock for a nap or a little reading time.
  • Stock guest rooms with a basket of mini-essentials such as toothpaste, shaving cream, sunscreen and lotion. 
Mealtime made easy!
  • Keep scheduled meals to two per day. Serving brunch is a natural midday solution, and it provides plenty of make-ahead options. With a “help yourself” culture, snacking works to fill in the gaps. Check out the delicious, time-saving brunch recipes below.
  • A little food prep up front means you’ll have more time to relax. For example, chop and store a variety of veggies in advance so they are readily available for snack platters, roasting or tossing into salads. 
  • For family and close friends, consider delegating a specific night’s dinner to each group. Amy’s family often turns this into a friendly competition…whose dinner was voted “the best”?
  • Bring on the buffet! Have each guest bring an appetizer to create a casual noshing spread. As host, you provide drinks and dessert. This works especially well for night one of a girls’ weekend.
  • If your lake place is a little more remote, as Chris’ cabin is, menu planning and shopping ahead are essential. In this situation, creating a cheat sheet for food staples and recipe ingredients is a must.
Many hands make light work—making departure day easy
  • Consider investing in extra sets of sheets for each bed. Then, if asked, you are armed and ready for an easy sheet swap upon departure. (Remember, most guests are anxious to help!)

    TIP: white sheet sets and towels make for efficient laundering and eliminate the need to match correct sheets with beds.
  • Encourage guests to tidy up by keeping a fully stocked cleaning caddy in every bathroom.
  • A guest book captures memorable moments at the lake, and people feel special being a part of your book. Be sure to allow time for guests to write a note. What better way to record memories of special times shared at the lake.

Have you ever been the one stuck in front of the stove making bacon and flipping pancakes while everyone else eats a hot breakfast? If so, you’ll love the following recipes. They are problem-solvers that allow everyone to enjoy a lovely brunch. An added bonus—both can be made ahead, refrigerated and re-warmed in individual servings if that suits your needs.

We hope these ideas and recipes inspire you to streamline your entertaining so you can savor time spent with family and friends creating new memories at the lake!


  1. Wow! I love this post! I like that the suggestions and tips are so easy and really help to make friends and family feel welcome. I also appreciate that it’s about being together and celebrating life. Looking forward to reading other posts.

  2. Love this Blog. Lots of great ideas.

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