Red, White and Blueberry “Pup-sicles”

1 cup serving.

What is better on a hot, summer day than a piece of juicy, sweet watermelon or an ice cold beer? Why not surprise your pup with a frozen treat all their own?! The ‘recipe’ below is super easy – no measuring – and can be used to make any variety of pup-sicle.

These summertime ice-licks will keep your pup hydrated, cool and entertained.


  • Your pup’s favorite fruit* (cut-up strawberries and watermelon, sliced banana and blueberries)
  • Plain yogurt**
  • Water

* Do not use grapes, as they are toxic to dogs.
** If your pup has any dairy-related digestion issues, skip the yogurt and just use mashed banana or banana slices.


  • Using a blender, liquify the cut-up strawberries and watermelon with water. You can adjust the ratio of fruit to water to best meet your pup’s needs (e.g. more water for a low-calorie treat and less water for a heartier one). 
  • Fill bottom third of container with the strawberry mixture. Let freeze until solid (30- 45 min. pending size of container). 
  • Stir together plain yogurt and water until of a pourable consistency. Pour over frozen strawberry layer. Push slices of banana into the yogurt.
  • Let freeze until solid.
  • Using a blender, liquify blueberries with water. Pour over frozen yogurt layer.
  • Let freeze until solid.
  • When ready to serve, soak container in pan of hot water until mold loosens from the ice.  Turn over onto serving tray.


  • If you don’t want to get out the blender, or don’t wish to make a layered pup-sicle, just drop small pieces of fruit into the mold and cover with water or water-yogurt solution. It won’t be as pretty, but will still do the job!
  • Serve outdoors, on a tray for easy clean-up.
  • Be creative:  try frozen carrots, peas, bits of cheese, diluted with low-sodium beef or chicken broth, maybe with a layer of peanut butter.

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