The Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us, and there really is no better place to be than the lake during the warm, sunny days of August. Being long-time dog owners, we know how much our dogs love summer at the lake. They seem to enjoy all the same things we do, from swimming to floating to boating to basking in the summer sun. With that, we thought it would be fun to dedicate an entire blog to your pups enjoying the “dog days” of summer.

Just as we’ve watched our children grow up at the cabin, over the years our dogs grow and change as well. We’d like you to meet Max: Max has always loved his lake cabin! When he was young, he dove for fish for hours, and begged his owners to throw sticks in the lake so he could retrieve them. His owner says: “We think Max is a labrador trapped in a bulldog’s body! Now that Max is older, he’s content just to sit in the lake, cooling off and enjoying nature, being a part of our family activities.”

Max cooling off in the lake.

We were delighted with all of the photos and stories you shared. Below, enjoy the pics of happy hounds loving lake life!

Based on the number of photos we received, it’s clear that dogs can’t resist a relaxing boat ride. Check out these pups enjoying a cruise on the lake:

Cap’n Lambeau
Piper & Oakley have an unobstructed view!
Douglas’ first boat ride with mom
Riley is living his best life!
Duke has a winning smile 🙂
"Wear a life jacket for safety", says Milo
Grace & Frankie
Oobah has the best seat!!
Lyra posing for a pic
Willie and his buddy enjoying a cruise
Scout taking boater's safety 101
Annie loving life at the lake
Charlie loves a good boat ride
Piper is a beauty!
Best buddies share a boat ride

Some dogs (and surprise, even one cat!) are adventurous, getting out on the lake via kayak, paddleboard, floatie, even jet-ski:

Guapo always wants to be included!
Lambeau loved to float with his "sibs"
Oliver is a kayaker
Shadow finds the perfect spot on the jet ski...
...and on the kayak!
Zev the kayaking cat!!

Other pups want to dive right in, and maybe chill out afterwards:

Bennie catches air
Nelli is a true retriever!
Lake hair…Lulu don’t care!
Max chillin' in the lake!
Charlie & Ruby apres swim!
Pool party!
Tyson says "can we go swimming now?"
Emma: "it's yappy hour on the dock!"
Tilly & Millie after a refreshing dip

Doing what doggos do best, lake naps:

Post swim naptime
Sharpie & Cooper found a patch of sun
Napping in the screen room
Best buds

Enjoying the soothing benefits of nature, perhaps contemplating life?

Sophie enjoys a "starry, starry night"
Bailey (RIP), a very good dog!
Samee fishing with Dylan
Lulu loves the lake
Winnie keeping an eye on some loons
Baron contemplating the beauty of nature

Dogs just doing their own thing!

Ramsey is too cool!
"Are we having ribs for dinner?" asks Baron
The talented Coco pulling tubers
Oia finding some shade
Doc smiling big while cooling down
Patriotic pooches Truman and Vinnie
Bo just being cute!
Klaus also just being cute!

Like us, sometimes dogs want to take in the beauty of sunset:

Ellie and her girls
Bennie admires the setting sun
Frankie, more interested in dad than the sunset.
Douglas and cousin at sunset
Lyra and Mindy enjoy a sunset cruise
Sophie the lap dog!

What is better on a hot, summer day than a piece of juicy, sweet watermelon or an ice cold beer? Why not surprise your pup with a frozen treat all their own?! The ‘recipe’ below is super easy – no measuring – and can be used to make any variety of pup-sicle.

We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this “dog days” post as much as we enjoyed creating it. We wanted to give a shout out to our own pups: Chris’ dogs Lambeau (RIP) and Frankie, and Amy’s dogs Emma (RIP) and Sophie. And thanks again for sharing special moments of your dogs loving lake life. Cheers!

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