Top 10 Reasons to Love Lake Life

1. Excuse to relax and unwind.

The serene atmosphere at the lake triggers us to exhale, unplug and relax. And with recent travel restrictions, the change of scenery has been a lifesaver. The daily grind is in the rearview mirror, replaced by the sights and sounds of nature all around.

2. Fitness that’s fun.

Biking, kayaking, swimming, golfing, hiking, skiing—the list is almost endless. Who needs a gym with all these opportunities to exercise outdoors? We find that it’s easy to fit quality exercise into the day at the cabin.

3. Uninterrupted family time.

Perhaps the best gift of life at the lake is being together without all the hustle and bustle of responsibilities that dictate our lives and schedules back home. The focus is where it should be: on ourselves and each other.

4. Sunset magic.

The world stops for a moment…a reverent hush falls on even a large group as the sun sets on another beautiful day. We’ve often marveled over the quiet power of the sunset to be a show-stopping event that must be savored and appreciated.

5. What’s not to be happy about?

Have you noticed that everyone waves to each other at the lake? There’s a natural camaraderie and connection that seems to be unique and special to lake time.

6. Lake hair—don’t care!

No judgment…no dress code. We’re with the folks we care about most, and we’re not dressing to impress!

7. Chores aren’t a chore.

Somehow, some way, chores feel less like work and more like “puttering around” at the lake. And, it feels good to gaze at the lake through freshly washed windows, or sit by a fire with the wood you’ve split and stacked.

8. Permission granted!

Read a book, play a game, do a puzzle, take a nap. No need to ask permission, the lake is the place to do all the things you enjoy without the guilt.

9. Stress-free entertaining.

Expectations are lower when it comes to cabin entertaining. No one expects perfection. We’ve found that a little creativity and planning can foster a relaxed atmosphere that allows everyone to do their part without it feeling like anyone is doing all the work.

10. Creating traditions…making memories.

We love the way traditions organically emerge at the lake. And traditions lead to treasured memories—which in its essence is what makes lake life so special.

In keeping with the “Top 10” theme, we would each like to share one of our top recipes with you. Both of the recipes below feature the fresh, crisp taste of lemon. Citrus flavors brighten a dish in a way that feels perfect for spring and summer meals.

Summer Vegetable Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

This summer salad is one of Amy’s tried-and-true recipes. She suggests that you try it as written first and then make it your own using your favorite seasonal vegetables and cheese. The vinaigrette is the “secret sauce” that makes vegetables shine.

Lemon Berry Ricotta Cake

Chris’ go-to spring and summer dessert is this fresh, flavorful cake with delicious berries. Great for the cabin as it doesn’t require a mixer, and most ingredients are readily on hand.

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